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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Bush still does not get it

Just when it seems the British are getting their heads on straight about the threat posed not just by Islamic terrorists, but by the incongruous nature of some of the tenets of Islam itself, there's this about an American Democrat Congressman moving to thwart the irresponsible and dangerous moves by our Republican President:

[Democrat Congressman] Lantos said he was putting a legislative hold on Bush's proposal to provide $230 million in aid for Lebanon in the aftermath of the 34-day war between Israel and Lebanese Hizbollah guerrillas.

Full story here. [h/t: LGF]

Just so this is clear, Bush has decided that Lebanon deserves $230 million of your tax dollars to help it rebuild, even if it doesn't agree to let UN troops keep Syria (and through them, Iran) from re-arming Hezbollah, so it can kill more innocent Israeli civilians.

Who is our ally here? I thought it was Israel. I thought we were waging a global war against terrorism. Does anyone reading this actually believe that Bush believes all $230 million will actually go to helping Lebanon rebuild and none of it will find its way to Hezbollah? If so, frankly, you're naive beyond belief.

This is EXACTLY the lesson our politicians never learn. Bush is no doubt giving Lebanon your money in an effort to make America look better to Arabs in the Middle East. The only problem is - that's not what it does. Here's how most Arabs will undoubtedly view any aid from the US to Lebanon. WE WON! WE BEAT AMERICA!

To Arab Muslims, aid is an admission of guilt, of being really really sorry for not doing what they wanted us to do. It's that simple. This continued attempt to "win hearts and minds" is idiotic in the extreme. More importantly, it's dangerous! This capitulation only emboldens our enemies. "See? America made Israel back off and now they're giving us money! We WON!"

Once again, the West gets it completely wrong, and turns what is intended to be a noble act into motivation for more attacks by Muslim terrorists. When will this insanity end?


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