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Muslim whackos want to kill you. Does it really matter why?

Decide which gun you want to kill little Jewish children with when you grow up, son! AK47... When you absolutely, positively have to kill every Jew on the school bus! That's right, son, aim for the little Jewish girl's head! Daddy said I can wear real dynamite and blow up a restaurant full of Jews when I turn 12! Stop crying, son!  I'll get you a real automatic weapon to kill Jews with soon!
What kind of people teach their children how to kill other children?

Friday, August 25, 2006

Learn to think like a Muslim terrorist

"Know thy enemy and know thyself, find naught in fear for 100 battles." --Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Sun Tzu was a wise fellow. Were he alive today and in league with anti-Jihadists, this would surely be among the first of his statements. We are woefully undereducated when it comes to understanding the tactics and long-term strategies that drive the actions of Islamic terrorists and state leaders who often direct things from afar.

Please note that the question of WHY this enemy is at war with us is irrelevant. We don't ask 'why' questions when it comes to Muslim terrorists, because there can be no legitimate justification for killing innocent civilians purely for the purpose of killing innocent civilians. It's mass murder. Why they do it isn't important. Only that we prevent them from continuing.

The West's mistake is in analyzing Muslim terrorist actions through the prism of our Western, Judeo-Christian inspired system of morals and ethics. Where Westerners are taught from earliest age on that being honest with everyone is a virtue and that integrity is to be idolized, many Muslims are raised with the exact opposite system of values when dealing with infidels.

It's known as 'outwitting.' [h/t: Answering Islam] Follow the link for an in-depth explanation. For our purposes, it suffices to learn that many Muslims believe they are compelled to lie to infidels if it helps protect or further their religious goals. Their view is that lying in certain situations is not simply a distasteful act of necessity, but a positive advancement of the 'cause.'

This is absolutely critical to understand about Islam! It is one of the ways in which their core beliefs are fundamentally and often diametrically opposed to our own. And it has huge implications for our current mortal struggle against Islamic terrorism.

In theory, 'outwitting' compels Muslims to lie brazenly to non-Muslims, when the ultimate goal of advancing the causes of Islam is deemed in jeopardy.

In practice, it renders the words and deeds of Muslims highly suspect when the audience is infidels. Think about that in the context of the recent Israel-Hezbollah war in Lebanon and the subsequent discovery of doctored photos, staged events, and inflated death tolls. Starts to make more sense, doesn't it?

And the media eats up the lies, compounding the problem for Westerners. How can one form valid conclusions about good guys and bad guys when one side stages events and constantly lies, if you don't know about 'outwitting?' You can't. Which is why you've probably never heard this term before in this context.

We've been duped, friends. It is a virtue in Muslim minds to lie to infidels like us, by word or by deed. The only reason a Muslim needs is some connection, plausible to him alone, between his deception and the protection of Islam. In a war against Jews, it's no wonder so many lies, doctored pictures, and clearly staged events have been uncovered. We shake our heads in consternation and anger over being treated this way. The Muslims wink at each other knowingly and give themselves another Gold Star for 'outwitting' another infidel.

Are you beginning to see what we're up against?


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