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Decide which gun you want to kill little Jewish children with when you grow up, son! AK47... When you absolutely, positively have to kill every Jew on the school bus! That's right, son, aim for the little Jewish girl's head! Daddy said I can wear real dynamite and blow up a restaurant full of Jews when I turn 12! Stop crying, son!  I'll get you a real automatic weapon to kill Jews with soon!
What kind of people teach their children how to kill other children?

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Soon it will be decision time

So far, the war between Islamo-Fascist Theocracy and Western Democratic Values can best be described as skirmishes along entrenched lines. Taking the broad view, losses are acceptable on both sides so far. 9/11, while horrific, still "only" killed 2850 or so. A similar number of military losses have occurred in Iraq and Afghanistan. Call it 6,000 or so killed by the enemy since 9/11/01. In war terms, minor losses. I know this sounds cold, but it's important to begin thinking of this war like any other. This is one of the keys to getting a majority of the "good guys" to see this war as just a longer version of other World Wars, instead of as more of a "police action."

But for one aspect, this war could be fought for decades at this level of casualties and life would go on for the vast majority of us as it normally does. That one aspect is nuclear weapons. Without them, a small group of terrorists could perpetrate more 9/11's or London Bombings, but probably not much worse. With small, mobile nukes, that same number of terrorists could kill hundreds of thousands of people at once.

We already know that the Islamic terrorists are patient. They have no problem with taking years to put together elaborate, highly coordinated attacks designed to produce maximum carnage simultaneously. They've used planes and low-technology explosive devices thus far. Nothing would really change in their planning and execution if they had, say, suitcase or backpack nukes instead. Same planning on their part, exponentially more casualties on our part. Is this scenario acceptable to you? Could you live with having 3 small nukes go off more or less at the same time in downtown New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago? That would kill, conservatively, about 300,000 people all told. Many instantly, many more slowly and agonizingly.

We're on the verge of this becoming a real possibility. Allowing Iran to develop nuclear weapons would be, perhaps, the single biggest mistake humankind will have ever made. We already know they supply arms to Hezbollah with impunity, through their puppets in Syria. We know that Iran has a whacko religious zealot at the helm. We know he hates America. Is it really hard to extrapolate the current situation to its logical outcome if he can build nuclear weapons?

If the US or Israel or some combination of like-minded nations does not take immediate military action to physically prevent Iran from obtaining the means to create nukes, we will be accomplices in our own destruction, should it come to that. It's that simple.


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