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Sunday, August 13, 2006

You can learn a lot from Muslim demonstrators

Cartoon of Mohammed that enraged MuslimsRemember the controversy over the cartoons of Mohammed published in a newspaper in Denmark last year? Muslims consider it blasphemous to depict Mohammed. When a Danish newspaper - Jyllands Posten - ran the cartoons, all hell broke loose around the world. All Muslim hell, that is. Huge Muslim demonstrations were held. Anger was palpable.

When Muslims get angry, they show their true colors. They dispense with any pretense of sharing the fundamental values the rest of us consider essential, such as freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and refraining from murdering other people.

More than any other event in recent years, the publication of cartoons so offended Muslims worldwide that they felt compelled to march in the streets of several major cities, shouting and carrying signs like these:

Stop and consider for a moment what kind of person you'd have to be to want to murder someone simply because he/she made (or published) a cartoon you found offensive. To want to end another human being's life over a cartoon. Can you even imagine feeling that way?

It's not just Arab Muslims who hold these values. There were rage-filled demonstrations in Muslim communities outside of the Arab world, too. Here's a photo from Indonesia (home to the largest number of Muslims in any country) displaying the same Muslim desire to murder people for the perceived slight of a cartoon:

Whenever Muslims get really mad, something else always bubbles up to the surface: anti-semitism. Some Muslims do not hate Jews, of course. No group as large as the Muslim population of Earth can possibly have members who all hold the same exact view across the board. But it's clear that a lot of Muslims have big problems with Jews. Why else would Muslims demonstrating about cartoons in a Danish newspaper carry signs like the one below?

At last check, Denmark does not have a large Jewish community. They do not run the country. They don't run the newspaper that published the cartoons. The cartoonist was not Jewish. There was no connection whatsoever to Jews. Could it be that Muslims just hate Jews and don't need a reason to praise Hitler's attempt to exterminate them?

Oh, but wait. Many Muslims don't believe Hitler did any such thing, remember? Devout Muslims like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad believe the holocaust is a myth. The cartoon demonstrators obviously believed it too:

Here are several more photos from the demonstrations held around the world after the publication of the Mohammed cartoons:

Muslims like these do not want to live peacefully with you and me. They don't. They want us to either convert to Islam (their version) or die. They see us and our way of life as an impediment to the expansion and eventual world supremacy of Shari'a Law.

Murdering us to attain their goals not only isn't a sin to them, it's REQUIRED. You must understand this fact and never lose sight of it.


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